How to Get Facebook Notifications without using internet data?

How to Get Facebook Notifications without using internet data?


 Ways to get Facebook Notifications without using internet data

Facebook has become an important aspect of smartphone users. That’s why they downloaded the Facebook app on their devices. The installation of the Facebook app doesn’t solve the crisis.  The app demands 24×7 hours of working internet which drain the battery life and overall performance of the device. Therefore, we are going to enlist the ways of receiving Facebook Notifications without using internet data.

Receiving Facebook notifications via Google chrome:

It is the best way of monitoring your Facebook notifications without the use of an internet connection. You just need to open your Facebook account in Google Chrome. When you open it via chrome, it will seek your permission to allow notifications.  Click yes to enjoy the web version of Facebook provided by Google chrome. It eliminates the need to download separate apps.

Receiving Facebook notifications via a different medium such as text, SMS, email:

This is also a very good option for receiving notifications from Facebook in the absence of the internet. Well, Facebook provides the facility to its users, to customize notification settings.  So that users can monitor their Facebook account during the offline mode.

In order to customize notification settings, the user needs to visit the page

From there, it can choose how he/she wants to receive notifications. Several options will be there in front of him such as:

  • Via email
  • Through text message
  • By mobile
  • On Facebook only

The user can select any of these options and can easily get its notifications both on mobile or desktop. The best thing in this neither it will drain the user device battery nor it demands continuous internet connectivity.

Utilization of tinfoil feature for receiving Facebook notifications:

Another great way of receiving Facebook notification without constant internet connectivity. The tinfoil is a web view feature basically provides the user web-based experience of Facebook. The best thing about tinfoil is that it neither consumes system data or synchronize notifications nor does it catch temporary files or data.


Apparently Facebook users install the Facebook app now even the lighter version of the app is also present in the app market. Although, by following the above-mentioned techniques one can easily get notification from its Facebook without a constant internet connection. One need not have to take extra headache or worry about how it gets notifications without the internet. The user can monitor its Facebook account in offline mode also if it applied the above-mentioned techniques.


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