Razer Blade Laptop Review

Razer Blade Laptop Review

The Razer Blade Laptop 2018 was one of the best gaming laptops. The older Razer laptop was nit so much powerful and affordable, but then too it can replace the gaming PC and a MacBook Pro.

In Razer Blade 2019 the formula has been not changed but now it this laptop is having the high-core feature in which you cal do a lot of technical tasks. Now, this laptop is available with a new display ranging from 4K OLED to 1080p 240Hz and it has become one of the finest gaming laptops in the market. Now the display Nvidia RTX 2080 Max-Q and blade display 4K OLED made this Dell laptop more advanced. The one who loves gaming for those Razer Blade laptops can be the best choice.

High-Quality Features of Razer Blade 2019

  • Lovely thin and light design
  • Strong build quality
  • Impressive Game performance
  • Great keyboard and touchpad

Amazing Laptop Design

The Razer Blade Design is so amazing that it can take your heart away. The square corners, finishing of matte black and lighting green Razer logo make this gaming laptop more appealing. This is on the simpler and slimmer gaming laptop. The featured laptop astonishing. But there is one drawback that it picks fingerprinter so fastly so while using your laptop do not eat chips or other oily eatables.

Keyboard and touchpad

The Razer Blade has a prominent keyboard and touchpad. The touchpad is one of the greatest quality which everyone checks in the laptop and in this examination Razer Blade have scored good numbers. The touchpad is approximately matched with the size of MacBook Pro i.e. 15-inch. The touchpad surface is so smooth and is touch speed is also so fine. The Keyboard is having black smalls keys that look like black square gems.

Sharp Blade

In the Razer Blade, two blades are present and these are quite similar. One is a matte 1080p panel with a faster 240Hz refresh rate and another one is 1080p. This device framerates is Up to 240 FPS. Its framerate is quite good and some games can increase the framerates above 200.

Display Performance

As we all know the OLET screen has its advantages. This laptop is having both sRGB and Adobe RGB color gamut. In testing, it has been found that it is the brightest laptop screen. Razer Blade laptop is screen is perfectly designed for gaming purposes.


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