Cash App Business Account Fees & Limit: Convert Personal Account to Business Account

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  • December 28, 2021

Cash app was introduced in 2013, keeping this thing in mind that nobody gets stuck anywhere because of the poor and low mode of transaction. Therefore, by seeing the rising demands of people who were indulged in business, the cash app introduced features like a Business account in 2015. Now, Cash App provides all benefits related to both personal and business purposes. But many of the users are unaware of the fact that what is the Cash App Business Account Fees & Limit. Certainly, if you are using a cash app for business purposes which is considered as a profit act for you, the cash app demands few charges on the Business Accounts. Let’s see how.

Cash App has categorized its services in two ways:

  • Personal Account
  • Professional or Business Account

Cash App is mainly used as personal accounts as for many who live in the USA, cash app is the trusted mode of transaction. Cash App provides several facilities for the personal account holder. Mainly, the cash app was introduced for personal uses, thereafter, by rising needs, the cash app has introduced business accounts for those who have a small business where transfer of money remains less.

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What Is Cash App Business Account?

Cash App Business Account is mainly an account which merchants use for accepting payments of goods and services you provide. In order to use a business account or to receive money, you need to pay a few charges as well. For a business account, you need to pay 2.75% charges on each transaction.

For a business account, you have to apply on the cash app by choosing accounts at the time of making your cash app account. choose from there and use it for your small transfers of money.

After applying, you get a Username or Cashtag, by which you can receive money from your customers. In spite of that, each business has its payment page which has its own Custome URL that customers can use while paying for your goods and services they bought.

What is a Cash App Business Account Fee?

Talking about business account fees, if you use a cash app business account, you need to pay a 2.75% fee on each transaction. cash app requires charges in order to give you chance to receive an unlimited amount from your customer.

On the other hand, if you are ordering a cash app business card or activating it, there are no charges you will have to pay. Your cash app card is a VISA card that is linked to your cash app wallet.

How Can Cash App Benefit for your Business?

It is essential to know that a cash app business account is for small business purposes where the transaction happens in little amount. If you are someone running a huge franchise, a cash app business account can not be useful for you.

However, a Cash App business account is a helpful way for small businesses as it provided several ways by which your customer can pay you. for example, your Cashtag or Username, from URL/via cash. link, etc.

Cash app provides an easy payment option that every customer can access.

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Setting Up a Cash App Business Account

For the first time when you create your cash app business account, you need to set up your account so that it doesn’t create problems in receiving money from customers.

To set up your account, you need to create an account with the help of your contact number and email address.

After that, you will receive a confirmation message from the cash app containing your Passwords to login into your account. after logging, add a bank account, set your first and last name and link your debit card.

Once you do all these processes, your business account is ready to receive money from your customers.

Note: it is understandable that the cash app sets a personal account by default, if you wish to make it a business account, you can do so simply.

How to switch Cash App Personal to Business?

As we discussed, Cash App selects the default account as a personal account. if you want to change it, manually it is possible without any issue.

On the other side, if you were using personal accounts before and now wish to convert it to a business account, in that case, yes it is possible too.

  • Launch the cash app on your device.
  • Find the profile button, click on it.
  • Going down you will see the “Personal” tab, click on it.
  • Select the “Change Account Type” option.
  • you need to confirm by entering the PIN or Touch ID.

After following such steps, you will be able to convert your personal account to a business account.

In the same way, switching from a business to a personal account can happen easily with the same steps.

Difference between Cash App for business and personal account

In terms of Limits:

Cash App business account has no limits for receiving money. but, you will be paying a 2.75% fee on receiving money on a business account. on the other hand, receiving money in a personal account does not require any charges.

Multiple ways to receive:

In a cash app business account you can offer various ways through which your customer can pay you such as Cashtag or Username and URL/via Cash. link. however, in a personal account, you need to have the Username or Cashtag of the recipient for making payment.

There is an instant transfer facility available for both personal as well as business account in which you need to pay a 1.5% fee for instant transfer of money.

But, if you use the standard transfer method, it does not require any charges of that. But, it takes a few days to make the transaction.

Cash App business Account Fee

If you want to use a cash app business account for receiving payment, you will have to pay a 2.75% fee on each transaction. And, there is a 1.5% charge for instant transfer of funds.

Pros and Cons of Cash App Business Account


A cash App business account is best if you are in a small business where the flow of money is little. You can get payment from mobile and credit card with ease.

Even if the customer does not have a cash app account, he/she can pay via Debit/Credit Card or using a URL link.


  • As of now, the payment limit is $250, and receiving limit is $1000. It can go beyond if you verify your account up to $7500 payment and can receive an unlimited amount.
  • You cannot accept money from Abroad.
  • Cash Visa debit card or its “Boost” discounts cannot be used in the business account.
  • You cannot call any business-related queries, only email and social media are available.
  • If you are crossing daily receiving of $1000, you can upgrade to a more robust POS option.

Is Cash App the Right Payment Processor for You?

A cash app business account is ideal for small vendors, home cleaners, personal trainers, or for any small business that is gonna start.

However, if your business is average and involves a medium flow of transfers, a cash app is not a good option in that case.

Although, starting for new businesses, new entrepreneurs, a cash app can be a good option to opt for.

Final Remark:

Cash App provides an option for those who want to switch their personal account to a business account for their small businesses. You can simply do so by visiting your cash app profile, then account, switch account, and choose accordingly.

However, to accept money from the cash app, you need to pay a 2.75% fee on each transaction.

And, it is a 1.5% fee that you have to pay for instant transfer in both personal and business accounts.

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