Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is a legal document of any website that aims to tell the visitors how and when the information collected from them by any site is being used, disclosed, and shared. When a user visits our website then, we collect and store their several details such as name, address, contact number, email id, etc basically to observe their actions and preferences on our site. In order to observe the interest and activities of our users on the website, we are entitled to store and secure your privacy and significant details.

In case you have any doubt and query regarding the privacy policy then, you can feel free to contact us anytime through our “contact us” form. Here on the website, we have given “Contact Us” form for users so that they can type and send their query related to any technical issue and they also ask about our privacy policy and terms and conditions. The main objective of our privacy page is to make our readers aware of our website’s policy and we are also entitled to make some alterations in our privacy policy without giving any prior notice to our readers.

Based on our website’s rules and regulations, we can update our privacy policy anytime and in case you have any query and doubt regarding that then, you can definitely contact us to clear your doubts. We would suggest to our readers before taking any advantage or using and reading any information according to needs, they first need to understand our website’s privacy policy and terms and conditions.